July 7, 2015

Eddie Lee

Caught Making The Bass Face :)

Eddie Lee caught making the Bass Face!

Eddie Lee is the driving force behind this band and one of the hardest working guys in the Bizz. Writer, Lead Singer, Musician, Eddie started Closing Time back in the 1990’s and is still putting out great music, leaving behind a trail of Empty Jack Daniels Bottles and Honky-Tonk Country Nights Folks are Still Talking About!! With his new self-penned CD release, 10 new songs, the band keeps on sluggin! “For me it’s what I love to do, I love to write, perform live, and reach folks with my music. I think all writers do”. In 2018 Eddie releases his latest single wrote for the NASCAR Race Of Champions Modified Series “BY THE GRACE OF GOD & 600 HORSE POWER“.